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Fire Inspections, Testing & Maintenance

Clause 182 of the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000 requires the owner of any building class 1b or 2 -9 to maintain each fire safety measure in that building in accordance with relevant standards of performance.

Fire safety equipment must be tested in accordance with the Australian Standards to ensure they equipment will work as intended in the event of a fire at the premises. Whilst a building is only required to submit a Annual Fire Safety Certification once a year, the fire safety equipment requires more frequent testing. An inspection frequency table is provided below for commonly installed fire safety equipment.

Omega Fire Protection can assist you in meeting your obligations by arranging a fire inspection of your building quickly and easily.

Following a site attendance for a no-obligation, free quotation, we will schedule a fire inspection on an agreed date and time. Following the inspection, we will provide you with a Corrective Action Report outlining any non-compliances or repairs required. Upon acceptance of that quotation or upon receipt of a Completed Work Statement from your chosen competent tradesperson, we can issue you a certification.

All inspection and repair works are undertaken by trained fire safety technicians and tradespeople who have expertise in the fire safety industry and provide premium service and workmanship.

We are proud of our professional, reliable and efficient service; our one-stop service offers our clients real value and will ensure you save time and money when meeting your fire safety obligations.

Fire Safety Checklist

Fire Safety Measure Monthly Six-Monthly Annually
Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm System (Fire Panel)
Emergency Lights    
Exit Signs    
Fire Blankets    
Fire Doors (Sole Occupancy Unit)  
Fire Doors (Common Area)    
Hose Reels    
Hydrant System (without pump)    
Hydrant System (with pump)  
Portable Fire Extinguishers    
Smoke Alarms (Sole Occupancy Unit)    
Smoke Alarms (Common Area)  
Sprinkler System